1. At Daily Live Khabar, we are dedicated to delivering precise information. We meticulously verify claims, approach assumptions with scrutiny, and actively question conventional wisdom to uphold the highest standards of accuracy in all our content.

2. At Daily Live Khabar, we prioritize accuracy in all our content. Our commitment to delivering reliable information is at the core of our reputation, earning the trust of our readers. We ensure that the accuracy is tailored to each topic, considering its nature and subject, and we transparently highlight any factors that may influence expectations.

3. We are committed to providing accurate information, backed by reliable sources. Transparency is key—we’ll openly acknowledge what we know and steer clear of unsupported assumptions to keep you well-informed.

4. Our writers conscientiously avoid intentional plagiarism, distortion of facts, or misrepresentation of visual information in their pursuit of accurate and reliable content.

5. We strive to validate information through independent sources to verify statements, facts, and allegations, particularly from public figures or those with specific agendas. Unsubstantiated claims or content are attributed accordingly, promoting transparency and reliability.

6. At Daily Live Khabar, we stand behind the accuracy of our published information. If errors arise, we swiftly rectify them, committed to providing reliable news. Our commitment is to honesty, avoiding distortion or the presentation of fabricated material. We value our audience’s trust and promptly address any factual inaccuracies, ensuring transparency and clarity in corrections.

7. We welcome your input to enhance the accuracy of our content. If you spot any errors, feel free to share your feedback through the ‘Report a Correction’ feature located at the end of each web story.

At DailyLive Khabar, we are committed to delivering accurate and reliable information. While we aim for excellence, we acknowledge that mistakes may occur. When errors happen, we take swift responsibility, correcting them transparently to ensure confidence and accuracy for all our readers.

Here’s a straightforward guide for every participant to reach our aims of precision, openness, and outstanding performance:

If you come across any inaccuracies, feel free to reach out to our editor-in-chief, Sarthak Patel, promptly via email, phone, mail, or in person.

Email: support@dailylivekhabar.com

Subject: Correction Request

To ensure accurate information, please reach out directly to our editor-in-chief for correction submissions. Corrections sent to other DailyLive Khabar team members may experience delays or may not be addressed promptly.

If you spot an error in our content, kindly send your corrections via email or mail. Include the correction, issue date or reference number, where you found the mistake (print, online, etc.), your name, and contact details. Please also provide the accurate information and its source if available; for instance, if it’s a Student Senate vote error, share the meeting minutes.

Our editor-in-chief will promptly respond to your inquiry, and we may reach out for additional details if needed. Kindly understand that submitting a correction ensures thorough investigation but doesn’t guarantee issuance of a correction.

When notified of an error, our editor-in-chief promptly investigates using details provided by readers, meeting notes, reporter recordings, and other available sources to ensure accuracy.

If any inaccuracies come to the attention of our editor-in-chief, corrections will promptly be made across all platforms where the incorrect information was shared.

Discover accurate updates on page 2A in our upcoming issue. We’ll pinpoint the edition, article, and any inaccuracies, providing clear corrections for your information.

We ensure accuracy by promptly correcting any errors in our content. Look for editor’s notes at the end of articles for transparent updates on corrections and the revision date.

If the content is shared on our website, social media platforms, or any online channel managed by us, we will promptly publish a post containing the corrected information and acknowledge the correction. After identifying any inaccuracies, our editorial team ensures swift corrections. The editor-in-chief personally reaches out to the reader who reported the issue, providing details on the corrective measures taken.